Fresh water invertebrates query

Mahlon G. Kelly mgk at darwin.clas.Virginia.EDU
Thu Aug 31 10:38:49 EST 1995

prao1 at  writes:
> I would appreciate a response from anybody who has experience
> in breeding freshwater invertebrates such as hydra, crustaceans
> , insect larvae, water mites and rotifers. I've had trouble keeping
> the critters alive.
> Is there a group specializing in limnology? and freshwater ecology?
> thanks.
> Prashant Rao
My first reaction is that you have one of two possible
problems. 1) Is there sufficient oxygen in your water? 2) Are
you using tap water? If so, there may be something in it that
is interfering, Cl, Pb, Cu, etc. all are added or can come from
plumbing. Try using water collected from a stream or pond.
Since you are having trouble with such a diverse group of
organisms, it sounds like some basic problem with the water.
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