Chris Cracknell ad329 at
Wed Aug 30 00:34:49 EST 1995

Goddess in Training (rrosen at wrote:
: Is it just me, but if the person who posted the original article in this 
: thread really *were* the fittest, wouldn't he be able to spell better?  
: (See the subject of this thread.)  Just a thought.
Haw! Thet shoews whut u no! Wyle u sily bigbrians ar busei spelin yor 
mesagus korektlee we bahd spelurs wil b owt getin fude! Ar soupereor axis 
too fude wil increese ar Dahrwynun fitnus. An we wil bread a mastur rays 
of bahd spelurs an taik ovur the wurld!

                    (Universal translator offline from hell!!!!!!!)

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