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Fri Dec 1 13:14:12 EST 1995

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Scientific, Technical & Medical books
review & second-hand copies published 1992-1995, with a few older titles, 
all in very good condition unless otherwise stated:

The catalogue covers the following areas:

  Mathematics and Statistics                                              
                                 page	 2
  Physics and Astronomy 
  Earth and Planetary Science	 
  Plant, Animal and Environmental Sciences	 
  Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, Biotechnology	 
  Biochemistry, Genetics, Pharmacology, Anatomy and Physiology	
  Medicine and Nursing   	
  Engineering: General and Mechanical	
  Civil and Environmental Engineering, Building and Architecture	
  Chemical and Nuclear Technology, Metallurgy and Materials Science	
  Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering	
  Computers and Programming	
  History of Mathematics & Science; and Miscellaneous	

See our web site for the catalogue itself plus more information
Alternatively email us for a catalogue by post (n.b. the catalogue is
	too large to send by email).

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