Wood Worms?

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Sat Dec 2 08:34:39 EST 1995

>   heptag at aol.com (Heptag) writes:
>  On Mon, 30 Oct 1995, John Skilton wrote:
>  > I just noticed some little creatures living in my firewood pile.  They
>  look
>  > like tiny worms -
   {text elided}
>  > Does anyone know anything about the existence of wood worms?  Is there a
>  > product on the market that will kill them without making my firewood
>  toxic  when it burns?  Will the upcoming cold weather and frost kill them?  Any
>  > insights would be appreciated.
> {text elided}
These are most likely bark beetles, Scolytidae, or similar (depending on the
species and age of the wood).  Cold weather won't bother them.  There is no need to kill 
them - your fire will take care of that.  Lots of other things are living in your wood pile.
Bark beetles are harmless, unless you are using elm wood,
in which case your log pile is a reservoir for elm bark beetles (usually Smaller European
elm bark beetles).  In that case, you should burn the logs asap if there are elms
in your area, as elm bark beetles are vectors for dutch elm disease.  This is 
assuming you are in the eastern US.  We don't have 'em here.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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