Saliva Rapid HIV Test

Jim Dougherty jimd at
Sun Dec 3 16:20:46 EST 1995 WorldWide Medical Testing has announced 
the worldwide availability of the Saliva Rapid HIV Test. Approved by the 
USFDA for export-only, these test kits have been shown to be as 
effective as the serum-based ELISA and Western blot tests. (Sensitivity 
- 100%, Specificity - 98.07%). Non-invasive procedure is ideal in any 
area where rapid (5-10 minutes), reliable results are required and 
expensive lab and personnel are not available: developing nations, armed 
forces, emergency medicine, disaster relief, etc. Additional information 
is available at our Web site for government entities, health 
organizations, exporters/importers, business developers, media, etc. 
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