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Mon Dec 4 17:40:29 EST 1995

> UTM.EDU wrote:
> >I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas as to what type of jobs
> >I could do with a B.S. degree in Bilogy. Any suggestions would be greatly
> >appreciated.
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> >email address: scotbeck at
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> >Thank you very much for your time!!!!!

You might consider going into what is called "Validation Sciences" in
industry; specifically, in the FDA regulated side of biotech,
pharmaceuticals, or medical devices.

A biologist who develops or works with validation systems does so in a
very high-tech manufacturing environment. It is a challenging job,
requires a significant amount of patience and hard work to learn, but is
incredibly rewarding. Companies compete to hire these specialists, and you
can earn $70-80K after a few years by developing your knowledge of
validation science and people management.

Many BS biologists in positions like these find themselves earning more
than PhD's after just a short while. Another area, besides Quality
Assurance (Validation), where BS Biologists can do quite well is in sales
of scientific apparatus or consumables.


Dave Jensen
Managing Director, Search Masters International

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