Shipping Insurance

Robert Suddith bobsudrk at
Mon Dec 4 16:40:13 EST 1995

We are preparing to ship frozen (-80C) bulk biopharmaceutical material from Europe to the US.
Our concern is to insure the material against loss in transit.  Minimumally we would like to
the material for the cost of manufacture.  Ideally we would like to insure the material for the
manufacturing cost and loss of potential revenue due to missed development time as a result
of the material being lost or damaged in transit.

We have shipped smaller quantities of the material previously without incident; ie, on time
delivery, material frozen and undamaged.  The shipping agent, shipping container and
packaging materials, customs documentation, etc have been established, tested, and
shown to be satisfactory to assure prompt handling on the ground.

Please Email me directly in addition to posting to this group. THIA

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