Help please settle a bet

Keith Bradnam pdxkrb
Mon Dec 4 04:38:58 EST 1995

skohan at (Sami Kohan) wrote:
>My friend and I argueing over the definition of a male. I claim that in
>sexually reproducing species, males do not ever bear young and she claims
>that there are instances where they do. She claims that for examples
>seahorse do, but I claim anyting that bears young, unless it is asexual,
>is by definition a female. Anyone want to settle this? Thanks.... I've got
>a dinner riding on it.

Rather than "settle" this, I just thought I'd stir things a little.
What about species of fish which can change sex?  If memory serves me right,
some species of fish change sex from male to female when females are in short
supply.  Would this constitute a "male" bearing offspring?  Probably not, as
physiologically, the fish becomes female, but it blurs the male/female
distinction a little.


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