HELP! Need alternative to BSA as carri

KAKOEPLI kakoepli at
Mon Dec 4 22:44:54 EST 1995

In certain cell culture systems liposomes are substituted for albumin or
serum.  These serum free media can be used to evaluate the effect of
protein (albumin or other) binding on cell-uptake of drugs and other

Descriptions of serum free media are available in the literature.  Often
cells need to be weaned off the serum in steps for adequate viability in
the serum free media. Viability probably depends on cell type and other

Note that  chemicals/nutrients present in the medium (eg, fatty acids) can
be dramatically more cytotoxic to the cells due to increased cell uptake
in the absence of an extracellular binding protein which normally
"buffers" the free level available to the cells.


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