substrate for bacterial colonies

ChuCDJK chucdjk at
Tue Dec 5 06:46:40 EST 1995

I need some advice on recipes for agar.  I will be raising colonies of E.
coli, strain C600, which have been infected with parental lambda-gt10
phage, and testing the phenotype of the infected bacteria..
The recipe which had been recommended to me is as follows: 15 g
Bacto-agar, 10 g Bacto-tryptone, 5 g Bacto-yeast extract, 5 g NaCl per
liter water, adjusted to pH 7.5 with NaOH.

I was wondering whether I could use the following recipe instead: 15 g
Bacto-agar, 5 g Bacto-peptone, 5 g Bacto-beef extract.  Would the second
recipe be suitable for my purposes?

Thanks in advance

Chenghuan Chu (student at Mountain View High School)

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