White blood cells..Mammals only?

William Tivol tivol at news.wadsworth.org
Mon Dec 4 16:07:41 EST 1995

robertson jason vict (jroberts at ehsn12.cen.uiuc.edu) wrote:
: Are white blood cells present in mammals only?  I came across a reference that
: implied that they were.  If so, what do non-mammals use to defend against
: microorganisms?

Dear Robertson,
	Birds have immune-competant cells, which would be homologous to white
blood cells, but maybe they're not called white cells.  Sharks also have im-
mune systems, and, I think, cellular immunity.  In other words, either your
referrence or your interpretation may be wrong--some non-mammals have both
antibodies and cells which attack foreign organisms.
				Bill Tivol

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