Res.Funding and Congress

William Tivol tivol at
Mon Dec 4 16:00:16 EST 1995

Alexander Berezin (berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA) wrote:

: > c) "Inviting politicians to address groups of scientists and engineers is
: > another effective educational and political advocacy tool that is not 
: > lobbying."

: OK, that's good, though it is likely rather difficult to 
: achieve on a case by case basis. We are a low priority item
: for the polititians and it's tough to convince them to 
: spend time on us, or even show up on campus.   

Dear Alex,
	It may be of interest that a staff member of a congressman who is
on an important budget committee spoke to a session at the Microscopy Soc-
iety of America meeting last August.  He had many specific suggestions for
making our concerns known, and these were often specifically suitable for
this year's budget climate.  A major scientific society should have no
trouble setting up a similar session and getting an appropriate speaker.
By the way, a staff member could well be more appropriate than the congress-
person, since (s)he would have no particular public position to defend.
Thus (s)he can be more open about the plusses and minusses of a given strategy.
				Bill Tivol

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