Lead Acetate effects on chicken embryo

rhino at pond.com rhino at pond.com
Wed Dec 6 15:38:14 EST 1995

I am in high school and two of my friends are doing an experiment for a 
science fair. They are simply using my PPP account to post. Anyway, they are 
doing an experiment where they will inject a 3-day chicken embryo with lead 
acetate. Then, at about day 12-15 they will open the eggs up and look for the 
effects. They are expecting neurological damage. Does anyone know of any 
similar experiments? How about any papers or journals on the topic? Lastly, 
any internet sites with info? Please send responses to this post address or 
else to their faculty advisor. His address is:
"Richard_Clevenstine at ridleysd.k12.pa.us"

Thanks in advance.

Ryan Williams                                    Student
rhino at pond.com                        Ridley High School

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