Hemoglobin and Cyanide

Dr. Laura A. Andersson laraheme at KSUVM.KSU.EDU
Wed Dec 6 12:55:15 EST 1995

trying again. [this is my first time on newsgroup].  anyway, the "reduction" is not 
a redox reaction, but a "decrease" (also a reduction) in amount of metMb. With 
respect to number of hemoglobin bands, first metHb has bands at 405 (Soret) 500 & 
629 nm, with millimolar extinction coefficients, respectively, of 179, 10, and 4.4. 
 but for cyanometHb, the bands are at 418 and 541 nm, with millimolar extinction 
coefficeints of 124 and 12.5 nm.  key point - the "high-spin" marker at 629 is 
GONE if the cyanide form is complete. [Hb has a high affinity for cyanide - only 
need ~10 x to be complete.]

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