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Thu Dec 7 14:51:59 EST 1995

Visit, a daily web magazine dedicated to the 
biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical industry. View:
	- Daily Industry News, Optional Daily Email/FAX Delivery
	- FDA Approvals, Warning Letters
	- Browse/Search Worldwide Suppliers Database (biologicals, 
		lab instrumentation, medical materials)
	- Post or Read Device Equipment for Sale
	- Post or Read New Products
	- Post or Read Resumes (Public or Confidential)
	- Post or Read Company Job Listings
	- Personal/Company Web Pages @ $25/month 
		- remote update using FTP, password protected
		- immediate forward responses to your Email or FAX machine
		- ChemScope hyperlinks
		- optional password restricted web access to pages

David E. Charles
dcharles at

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