FX uses the scientific method better then JAMA?

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Well... I did get an e-mail response to my previous post.  And as
I respect the anonymity of personal e-mail... I will not post
the name of the person replying.  But I wanted to share his
comments (and my reply) with everybody else in the NG.

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Subject:     Re: FX uses the scientific method better then JAMA?

> To test this premise... the breakfast time show decided to run
> their own experiment (using the scientific method).  They had two
> children who had not yet eaten breakfast... one was feed a high
> protein breakfast of sausage and eggs, and the other one a high
> sugar breakfast of cereal and donuts.

  This is certainly not the scientific method.  Were the children
chosen at random?  Were all other factors controlled (i.e. what did
they eat the night before, was one ill, did they get any sleep the
night before, etc.)?

> Within 15 mins. the high sugar child was running around and
> screaming; while the high protein child played nicely with her
> toys and drawing.

> There was a definite (obvious) difference in these two children's
> behavior!

  How do you know that the two children dont have a distinct
difference in behavior to begin with?  How do you know the other
kid didnt feel awful from eating a high-grease breakfast?

> But my god... the difference was so pronounced - I really don't
> see how that would matter.  It certainly shows something is going
> on... and it's not what JAMA reports!

  Actually, I believe more than one study has been done that shows
carbohydates tend to (if anything) have a calming influence on
behavior, while protien has the opposite effect.  Personally, I
doubt the significance of any of it.
   It is common folk wisdom that sugar causes children to be hyper.
Heck, my kids go nuts when they get sugar.  Hmmmm.  Maybe its
because they get sugar at special times - like halloween, and
christmas, and at family parties. Gee. I wonder if they would be
going bonkers at christmas if they didnt get candy/cake, etc.
   Sugar= hyperactivity sounds like the same myth as keeping the
ears covered in the cold= no ear infections (or no colds).  Bunk.

[sig. deleted]

> Just some food for thought,
> -Kathy

The only thing I can suggest to you sir is that you watch FX
Breakfast Time on Sat. and Sun. and see if they will repeat this
particular program [for they do repeat the best of Breakfast Time
on Weekends]... to answer your questions on the validity of this
small experiment.  See it for yourself and decide.  ???

Lastly, after reading your comments... I take back my previous
suspicions that the JAMA study may have been funded by the sugar
industry.  No, I admit I may have been wrong about that?

Now I'm more inclined to believe the authors of the study may have
been men who have never raised children on their own.  ???

I wonder?


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