looking for a title

James Travis Short jtshort at ezinfo.ucs.indiana.edu
Fri Dec 8 23:07:55 EST 1995

Hello, I am sorry if this doesn't belong here, but I couldn't find
anywhere else that seemed appropriate.  I am a pursuing a BS in
mathematics, and a minor in biology and computer science.  I want to
work in the space program and with biology.  My main interest is working
on the space station and breeding/selecting plants that will help
maintain a "nice" environment to work in and help in the removal of
waste products.  

	What exactly would this be titled?  I am trying to get an
internship with NASA this summer, and they ask what I wish to pursue
once I graduate.  The above seems a bit lengthy to try and squeeze on
one line.  Any suggestions?  Also, do you know of anyone who does work
in this field and how I could contact them?

Please email me at:
jtshort at indiana.edu

Thanks in advance.


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