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Fri Dec 8 18:31:29 EST 1995

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>I'm currently looking for a not too expensive integrated video-computer
>system for sientific purposes would allow :
>- to record a video movie from a CCd camera
>- to digitalyze one image every pre-defined time lapse from 1/25 s
>(every image) to every minute with a time precisio of one image
>- to treat these images with an image analysis software ( I essentially
>eed a shape recognising system )

I would strongly suggest either a Macintosh 7500 or 8500 system. The 7500
comes complete with S-VHS and composite input and the 8500 can also output
video to the same standard. Both include a range of video capture and
manipulation software and the Apple MacOS includes AppleScript which will
control the video software. AppleScript is available in both English and
french versions (and a huge range of other languages.)

For image analysis you can use the excellent public-domain NIH Image whioch
has utilities for processing individual video frames and for processing
entire movies. If you make a movie of (for example) a sequence of tomograph
slices, NIH Image will allow you to interpolate and reslice along another

Although the individual machines cost more than a cheap PC, the video
hardware included as standard makes these systems very good value. The 8500
is considerably faster than any PC available on the market and both have
upgradeable processors to allow you to keep up with changing technology.

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