xbj at I_should_put_my_domain_in_etc_NNTP_INEWS_DOMAIN xbj at I_should_put_my_domain_in_etc_NNTP_INEWS_DOMAIN
Sat Dec 9 09:39:34 EST 1995


If anyone out there knows the names and locations of the three 
laboratories currently testing LEPTIN the fat mobilizing hormone I would 
be gratefully appreciative of ANY information you could give me- you can 
call my voice mail and leave a message 24 hours at (702) 457-2264 or 
alternately you can e-mail me at:
			xbj at icon.genesplicer.org

You privacy and confidentiality will be highly assured and protected to 
the utmost, and I would gratefully appreciate any leads or info on this 

Thank you very much.


P.S. Sorry about the two previous empty posts- I am learning this 
     particular system... :)

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