SLForsburg susan_forsburg at qm.salk.edu
Mon Dec 11 11:04:14 EST 1995

The BioSci administrators are to be congratulated;  I have
tried out the www newsreader and it looks great, handles well,
turns on a dime....;-)

There are always a lot of complaints;  I think we should periodically
remember to say good things too.    Dave and the Biosci group do a 
tough job and this reader at least appreciates it.  

That said, I agree with another reader.... can't we do something 
about the newsgroup spams?  These days I'm even getting email 
spam and this stuff is glutting the net's arteries.  Plus it 
isnt what I like to wade through first thing in the morning.  :-)

S L Forsburg                             
susan_forsburg at qm.salk.edu        
 "I don't speak for the Institute,         
 and the Institute doesnt speak for me."

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