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U27111 at uicvm.uic.edu wrote:

: I was actually reading somewhere that the US judicial system has
: determined that just because a scientific article was peer-reviewed
: and published... that doesn't mean the information contained is an
: excepted scientific standard.  Thus, in court cases, it's up to the
: judge in the case to determine which of the published studies would
: be admissible in his court of law (I believe in most cases, it's
: called a Kelly-Frye hearing?).

: Isn't that really the saddest thing you ever heard?  You think that
: would tell the scientific community something?

No, I think it is the judicial system being extremely cautious
about introducing new technology into the process -- it's hardly
a message to the scientific community.  As I understand it
(basically from that unmentionable recent trial), Kelly-Frye
determines whether the method is widely accepted in the
particular scientific field.  The courts don't want to have
to deal with Cold Fusion or Polywater, but would rather
wait until there is chance for the dust to settle.

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