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Does anyone know of internships in either the San Fran. bay area, 
Belize, or Costa Rica (a bit of an odd request).  I'm interested in 
doing work with coastal ecosystems.  At this point I'm not too picky 
about the focus of the work, just that it involve ecosystems.  I have a 
fairly decent background in wildlife rehab., particularly marine 
mammals.  Thus I have a pretty good idea of what's going on 
physiologically and have seen first hand how changes to a particular 
habitat effect the local wildlife pop.

Here's a copy of my resume.  Any help or leads would be greatly 

P.S. If anyone has knowledge of a paying job that may be related to my 
background, I would love to hear about that as well.

Timothy William Martin
1331 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Berkeley, CA 94709
(510) 527-2097
twm at

1990-1994	Eckerd College	           St.  Petersburg, FL
	B.S. in Biology
Minor in Music
5/95-	WILD CARE                                                          
San Rafael, CA
	Volunteer;  This is a wildlife care facility, with volunteers and staff 
closely together sharing all hospital responsibilities.  These 
include husbandry and medical care.  Working with numerous species 
me to receive valuable insight in animal medicine and behavior.    

	Veterinary Technician; I have not only been able to increase my 
abilities as a technician at this job, but also I have learned a great 
deal more about animal physiology and anatomy.  I am working with a 
board certified Orthopedic 	Surgeon.  My experience in the technical 
field has evolved well beyond animal	management and husbandry.  I am 
involved in advanced surgical procedures 	such as total hip 
replacements.  The hospital also offers 24 hour emergency care, which I 
am involved with.  I am comfortable in the	 high tension environment of 
emergency care. 

Volunteer; I am active in many aspects of the center including rescues, 
releases, and husbandry.  I, along with a crew of about 10 people, look 
after orphaned or once stranded marine mammals.  I get to experience a 
unique side of veterinary medicine at the C.M.M.C. 

	Veterinary Technician;   I worked with the doctor in a 26 foot mobile 
practice.  The doctor was capable of performing any service, including 
surgery,	 in the vehicle that a stationary practice could offer.  This 
job offered a great deal 	of client interaction.  Spending time with the 
client and offering personal service was a priority in this job.

6/94-8/94	VERONA PET HOSPITAL   	                      Verona, PA
	Veterinary Technician;  Due to the nature of the hospital, I was 
exposed to and had experience in every facet of the hospital¹s daily 
functions.  A sample of 	these duties included admitting patients, 
discharging patients, aiding the doctor during surgery, wrapping surgery 
packs, dispensing medications, helping clients over the phone, setting 
appointments, and restraining  animals.

9/93-4/94	SUNCOAST SEABIRD SANCTUARY	               Redington Beach, FL
Volunteer; In this job I gained experience in basic avian care for most 
southeastern shorebird species. This job gave me some insight in bird 
behavior and habitat.  I also received training in large bird rescue.  I 
would be responsible for taking rescue calls and retrieving distressed 

8/87-3/90	PITTSBURGH AQUAZOO                                       
Pittsburgh, PA
	Volunteer;  My primary responsibility was to animal care and exhibit 
maintenance.  The Aquazoo is a moderate sized public aquarium. The 
aquarium 	housed a diverse inventory of species allowing for a great 
learning environment.  I 	assisted in the feeding and care of the fish.  
The collection included an impressive self-contained reef tank.  

Certified Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response personnel 	
under the Federal Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (Student 

Certified wildlife care provider affiliated with the Oiled Wildlife Care 
Network working under memorandum with California Fish and Game-OSPR.

Computer Experience:
Very Comfortable in a Mac environment.  Working knowledge of Windows.  
Software familiarity includes M.S. Word & Excel, Word Perfect, Aldus 
PageMaker & Freehand, and Quark Express.   

Additional Information:	
Eagle Scout
Avid alpine and cross country skier 
S.C.U.B.A. diver (PADI).
Sea/Whitewater Kayaking
Have attended classes at Wallops Island Marine Consortium.
Member of crew on a 41 ft Morgan ketch sailing vessel, did study on 
coral reef ecology     
Extensive ecological study dealing with marsh, swamp, and river habitats 
of amphibians and reptiles
Performed in honors bands, P.M.E.A. and Allegheny Valley, for 6 years as 
well as 	various musical groups through college.  Still musically active 

References Available	

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