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Mon Dec 11 18:28:09 EST 1995

> The BioSci administrators are to be congratulated;  I have
> tried out the www newsreader and it looks great, handles well,
> turns on a dime....;-)
> There are always a lot of complaints;  I think we should periodically
> remember to say good things too.    Dave and the Biosci group do a 
> tough job and this reader at least appreciates it.  

Thanks for the pat on the back, Susan.  I have just responded to the
reader mentioned below on this topic.  The reply is posted to

Dave Kristofferson

> That said, I agree with another reader.... can't we do something 
> about the newsgroup spams?  These days I'm even getting email 
> spam and this stuff is glutting the net's arteries.  Plus it 
> isnt what I like to wade through first thing in the morning.  :-)
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