Dave K: Why Spams?

Don Chen chend at ucs.orst.edu
Tue Dec 12 00:42:48 EST 1995

johnk at spasm.niddk.nih.gov (John Kuszewski) wrote:

>Dave Kristofferson:

>Why do so many spams appear *only* on the bionet 
>groups?  Don't you use cancelbots like everybody 
>else?  Given that there's specific funding for 
>these groups, and that they're supposed to be
>professional, and that they're echoed to many
>people's personal mailboxes, WHY DON'T YOU 
>even unmoderated newsgroups show orders of
>magnitude fewer spams than bionet groups.

>If there's something weird about how the bionet
>groups are set up, then change it.  There are
>USENET emailing services for people who are 
>still stuck in the 80s.  Why not make the 
>bionet groups into normal, dependable newsgroups
>like thousands of others?

>Disgustedly yours,



FWIW:  Dave has been busting his ass for this heirarchy since his days
with Intelligenetics.  The spams are a reflection of the world around
us, and to think that spammers are not inventive and devious enough to
get around all the firewalls Dave or anyone else puts up is akin to
thinking that ... well I don't know, plug in something that is warm
and cuddly and maudlin and brings back memories of days past.  I
dislike on general principles the idea of moderated newsgroups, but
clearly the volume being generated these days -as well as their
content, like spams- may bring about this form of benign censorship.
(this is in reference to Dave's reply to your post). The bionet
newgroups have always been open forums-at least in their beginnings.
The spams stop only with a change of attitude of the society as a
So, I agree that the spams of the past few months have been annoying.
Whatever can be done -without changing the essential tenor of the
newgroups- has been implemented, albeit more slowly for some than
others.  I just want to point out that Dave and his friends have
always worked their butts off for us, and it is more than disingenuous
to have him shoulder the blame for others' egregious behaviour.

..end of sermon.

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         Dogs dream of bones, fishermen of fish. -Theocritus

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