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Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Tue Dec 12 06:21:30 EST 1995

SLForsburg (susan_forsburg at wrote:
> That said, I agree with another reader.... can't we do something 
> about the newsgroup spams?  These days I'm even getting email 
> spam and this stuff is glutting the net's arteries.  Plus it 
> isnt what I like to wade through first thing in the morning.  :-)

You can make newsgroups moderated. But
1) you will have to find somebody who has enough free time and is willing
   to do the moderation
2) determined people are able to overcome the moderation mechanism

It would be nice if the bionet.* spam wouldn't get archived, but I
presume this would involve too much manpower.

You can't do much against email spam.

I think it will get worse. With the increasing commercialisation, I am 
expecting electronic junk mail hitting the net soon.


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