Help on Wildlife Road Mortality in Jasper National Park

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Wed Dec 13 17:19:19 EST 1995

I am working on a project to reduce the wildlife mortality caused by traffic accidents
on Highway 16 in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.  After some initial success
reducing the speed limit from 90 to 70 km/hr in 3 highway zones where wildlife/vehicle 
accidents were concentrated, lack of data stalled further progress.  I have just finished 
collecting a full year of hourly traffic volume and speed data from two of the 70 km/hr zones, 
as well as a control set from a 90 km/hr zone.

I will test the hypothesis that the reduction in mortality that resulted from the reduced
speed zones is attributable to a reduction in speed once the vehicle enters the zone,
which should be relatively straight forward.  The second phase of the project is to
analyze the variations in traffic volume and speed which occur over the day, as well
as seasonally.  This will be related to data on wildlife highway mortality, in order to
analyze critical times of the day and/or seasonal periods for wildlife mortality on the
highway, and then design proposed solutions based on these critical periods.  I
suspect that the analysis will have to be done on a species basis, as I anticipate the
mortality patterns to be different for Bighorn Sheep as compared to Elk, for example. 

Is anyone out there working on a similar project, or does someone know of a past or
future project?  I would like to make contact in order to learn what others are doing or
have discovered, and I may be able to help others out there with what I have
accomplished to date.
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