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>Subject: identify this scat`
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>Quite often while backpacking in the New England area, I come across
>scat 3-5" long. Hair fibers are usually visible, and the dropping is
>usually pointed at one or both ends. The unusual thing about this
>particular type of scat is that it always seems to be deposited atop a
>medium-sized rock (up to 1.5 ft. in diameter), frequently in the middle
>of a hiking trail.

>What animal produces this scat? It may seem odd, but I've wondered
>about this for a while.

>Email would be great.


The hair says it's a carnivore.  Might be an owl pellet (disgorged (not 
defecated) but these would likely have lots of little bones, and would be 
deposited randomly.  Too small for a bear, and bear scat would contain lots 
of vegetable stuff as well.  My guess would be bobcat.  They eat a lot of 
small mammals, they like to advertise their presence by leaving scat in 
prominent locations, and their scats are pointy like you describe.

Bob Hoesch
National Fish & Wildlife Forensics Laboratory
Ashland, OR

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