DNA Fingerprinting

alflab at vms.csd.mu.edu alflab at vms.csd.mu.edu
Thu Dec 14 11:50:03 EST 1995

For several years now I have been contemplating jumping into the DNA 
typing (fingerprinting) business.  However, as I've pondered this 
possibility, I've found it difficult to find reliable and up to date 
information.  Specifically:

1. How large is the paternity and forensic market?

2. Are there other potential markets out there?

3. Is it necessary to use proprietary probes such as those sold by Promega 
and Lifecode?

4. What other companies provide probes and/or licenses? 

5. Are there non-proprietary VNTRs that one could use?

6. Is RAPID-PCR useful for human DNA typing?

7. Promega's GenePrint STR (short tandem repeat, PCR based) seems to be 
much cheaper, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

8. What regulatory issues, certification, etc do I need to worry about?

If you have answers or opinions to one or more of these questions, E-mail 

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