pyrethrin's effects on cockroaches

Dr. C Herbert cherber2 at
Fri Dec 15 06:36:43 EST 1995

I think you may get some help from some former colleagues of mine at 
Rothamsted Research Station, Harpenden, Herts., U.K. The original 
pyrethroid insecticides were developed there some years ago.
Possibly Norman Janes or Bupinder Khambay, who work in that group, are 
possible sources. I don't have e-mail addresses, but you may be able to 
find them. They will be something like "????"
Best of luck.
Colin Herbert.

On Thu, 16 Nov 1995, Allen Wang wrote:

> I'd like to know pyretherin from chrysanthemum flower's effects.
> Perhaps, I'd like to try chrysanthemum flower's effects on
> cockroaches.  If you have any information regarding the effects of
> pyrethrin from chrysanthemum please tell me.  

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