Normal values of Calcium, glucose and cholesterol in an adult chicken's blood.

Rich Young young at
Mon Dec 18 11:55:37 EST 1995

Wegerhoff (rwegerhoff at wrote:
: Does anyone know the normal values of calcium ion, glucose and cholesterol
: concentrations in a normal adult chicken's blood, along with the reference
: of the source? Any suggestion where to get this information!

	I don't have anything specific to chickens, but I *do* have the
	following "Avian" values:

	   calcium --> 2.0-3.0 mmol/L
	   glucose --> 11.0-16.5 mmol/L
	   cholesterol --> 3.3-7.2 mmol/L

	This data was taken from a publication of Eastman Kodak Co.
	(publication number MP2-500) called "Veterinary Reference Guide:
	A Summary of Reference Intervals For Use With KODAK EKTACHEM
	Products," dated 1993.  The Kodak division for which this was
	published was subsequently sold to Johnson & Johnson and now
	operates under the name of Johnson & Johnson Clinical Diagnostics.
	Further information should be available from one of the many
	European sales offices.  In addition, I would expect that the
	Animal Science (or Poultry Science or Veterinary Science)
	department of any large university would have such information.
	And finally, I would expect any veterinarian who treats common
	farm stock would have a source for this information.

	I hope this has helped.

- Rich Young

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