Eight B.S. Lines We've All Heard Before

David G. Jensen SMI at sedona.net
Mon Dec 18 22:36:47 EST 1995

For scientists in industry (or those thinking about industry) there is a
new article on the Biotechnology Industry Organization's BIO-Online site,
dealing with the mistruths and exagerations that are regularly heard in
science employment. This article, "Eight B.S. Lines We've All Heard
Before," can be accessed at the following URL:


This article is the first of a new series of articles being posted to the
"Career Guides" section of BIO-Online during the month of December. Next
in the series will be a multi-part paper on how science careers develop
and the various levels and plateaus that can be found in common for many
technical employees.

These articles are authored by David G. Jensen, of Search Masters
International, Sedona, Arizona, a leading life sciences technical and
executive search firm. The SMI home page, and index of the current list of
articles, can be found at:

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