interLAB WWW Update

Mike Head wwwadmin at
Tue Dec 19 16:53:12 EST 1995

Seasons greetings from the Organisers of interLAB.

With the release of CompuServe V2.0, which now supports coloured
backgrounds and centered text, facilities originally available under Netscape
V1.1 for Windows the look of interLAB will change over the next few weeks.
Any comments on the colour schemes chosen will be gratefully received.

Unipath, one of the world's leading manufacturers of microbiological and
diagnostic products has recently posted information on interLAB. 
As has AromaScan, a market leader in the design, development and 
manufacture of aroma sensing and analysis systems.

The New Products from the Press area has expanded with more current product
offerings from across the industry.

The Discussion Group area has proved popular for Visitors to request help and
information but we need more feedback from you with answers and suggestions.
Remember that all e-mails are routed through interLAB, so there will be no
direct access to you from any information posted.

Best regards

Mike Head
interLAB Web Master

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