Educational Software---Where?

Leslie Gartner lgartner at
Wed Dec 20 09:48:27 EST 1995

Contact Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company; 390 Bridge Parkway; Redwood 
City, CA 94065. They publish Marieb's Anatomy and Physiology, a wonderful 
textbook. They also publish multimedia products in conjunction with her book.
However, I have not seen them so I cannot vouch for them.

Les Gartner

On 18 Dec 1995 WASSMEGT at ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu wrote:

> I am searching for educational software to be used in human physiology lecture
> and lab, and comparative animal physiology lecture and lab.  I am also
> interested in CD-ROM based material.   Thanks for the help.  Please reply
> to "wassmegt at"
> Gary Wassmer
> Vanderbilt University

lgartner at

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