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James Mahaffy mahaffy at
Tue Dec 26 18:07:23 EST 1995

Alexander Berezin (berezin at MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA) wrote:

: After all let's (all of us) appraise a simple fact: how
: many people do indeed care ? All of us who posted in recent
: months on bioforum on these issues could be counted on
: 10 fingers (2 ourselves, Tivol, Kathy, Robison, Farland and
: perhaps, 2 or 3 others). How many people get bioforum ?
: I don't know exactly, but my conservative guess is about a 
: thousand at least. So, in short 10 people out of 1000 care 
: (1 % !), others sit on the fence.

Now really Alex, if intended to raise the attention (ire) of a lurker or
two you accomplished it. You can hardly gauge people's interest in the
issue on their response or lack of it to your posts.  It could be that
they care deeply (I do), but ...

1. Think you are wacky..  I don't but generalities like this lead to
easy dismissal of your argument as may the number of posts on the issue
in bioforum. In fact you have made me think, but I am hardly going to
take the word of someone I don't know on a talk forum just because he
has the ability to argue effectively and seems to know what he is

2. Although these posts are appropriate for bioforum, that may not be
the main reason many of us are there.  We have to learn to disregard a
lot of good stuff out there or we would never get anything done. 

3. I suspect the level of response you have generated on this forum is AT
LEAST as great as any other threads so I would suspect that folks care
about this topic AS MUCH AS any other topic. 

But now I have to go back to entering the grades of the 140 students I
teach in biosci. 


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