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Wed Dec 27 07:25:05 EST 1995

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> I'm presently doing some research with an SPM but the probe of the 
> microscope keeps detatching my samples from the treated substrate.  I'm 
> on a very tight budget and timescale and do not have the luxury of either 
> time nor money to fiddle with expensive, laborious and time-consuming 
> techniques.  I desperately need to find a technique which is going to 
> stick these samples firmly to the substrate, which is either 
> electrostatically charged glass or mica. Is there anyone out there who 
> can help me in the eleventh hour??????  ANY information and/or ideas will 
> be VERY appreciated.
> Thanks.......
> David Cov University. 
Try CellTak, a stuff out of marine mussels to attach themselves to rocks etc.
Its sold by Becton and Dickinson Europe, 5 Chemin des Sources, 38241
Meylan, France, ++33 76 41 64 64.Incubation for 2h as 10µg/ml helps a lot
with my cells..

Something else, if you have a vacuum pump and a oil bath: Aminosilanize
the glass slides in a gaseous environment of AminoButylMethoxySilan
For preparations  email me.

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