Getting to Yes with Berezin, Harriman and Ferland

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On 25 Dec 1995, Bert Gold wrote:

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> Subject: Getting to Yes with Berezin, Harriman and Ferland
> Two of you (at least) are Canadian.  We (by which I mean I, as a US
> taxpayer) sent you (by which I mean you as Canadian scientists)
> $22 million US NIH last year (FY 94); Does this wholesale
> export of US dollars, north across the border make sense to
> you?  
> It does not make sense to me!
> Can we all agree that Scientific Research and Medical Care IS
> a proper function of government???
Yes, I do agree, by all means. I dare not say here what I think of a 
medical care system that leaves 35 million people (more than the entire 
population of this country!) without any form of medical insurance, with 
all the broken lives and families this generates when illness strikes. 
Nor dare I speculate on what is lurking around the corner in this neck of 
the wood...

> Many in this country are currently having their doubts.

To my great dismay, here too!

> Sincerely,
> Bert Gold, Ph.D. (Born in New York City)
> University of California,
> San Francisco
> School of Medicine

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