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Fri Dec 29 14:26:01 EST 1995

Well... I received personally e-mail on this topic and again wanted
to share their views with the rest of the newsgroup.  But as I
respect the anonymity of personal e-mail... I won't post their name
or address.

Good post, Kathy. You should have cross posted or reposted to
several other newsgroups.

At Univ Maryland they are wooing Gallo and I'm not too happy that
administrators can use the prospects of bringing people like him to
their campuses as a crowbar to leverage the extra money out of, or
otherwise _into_ their institution's budget. They can't or won't do
anything to help the existing faculty which got poor or no raises
this year, but they will build new buildings and do a lot of
expensive re-modeling.

This kind of thing is just going to lower the funding success rates
all over the country and make life more miserable for the people
who are doing research, because almost all depend on grant money
for their existence. Its all going to really backfire, anyway, on
everyone and more people are going to have their careers go up in
smoke down the road in 3-4 years, unless there is a big increase
in the NIH budget. And, I don't see that happening.

Also, it has appeared in the Baltimore Sun, and the Washington Post
that the university president wants to privatize the UMAB campus,
where Gallo would come. That means "reorganization", and, like in
the corporate world, that almost always means people losing
their jobs, too, via the pleasure of administrative/managerial
whims, as it would fit in with the trend towards "outsourcing" that
is also common among today's corporations.

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