Bert Gold bgold at
Fri Dec 29 18:05:10 EST 1995

When competition spurs us on to work and think harder and to do more
with less, to run faster and farther than the other runners in a race,
it is healthy.

When competition involves hiring thugs to disable a fellow skaters'
capacity to compete (a la Tonya Harding) it is NOT HEALTHY.

Giving others poor grant reviews, poor paper reviews for publication,
holding onto papers in competing fields where friends can get
time leads to fend off foes, preventing younger scientists
from applying for funding by arcane institutional rules, wiring
grants for funding before they are reviewed, making impossible
demands of underfunded scientists before they are allowed to
continue down the pathway are not signs of healthy competition.

The world we and our children have to live in is our choice.

We can live in a world of Tonya Harding competition, or a world
of healthy, I would choose Glenn Cunningham as an example,

The choice is ours.

Bert Gold
San Francisco

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