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What a wonderful thought to bring with us into the New Year! 

You are absolutely right that the choice is ours but, on the pessimistic 
side, the problem resides precisely there: it has to be a COLLECTIVE 
choice. How do we achieve this?

Louis F.

On 29 Dec 1995, Bert Gold wrote:

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> When competition spurs us on to work and think harder and to do more
> with less, to run faster and farther than the other runners in a race,
> it is healthy.
> When competition involves hiring thugs to disable a fellow skaters'
> capacity to compete (a la Tonya Harding) it is NOT HEALTHY.
> Giving others poor grant reviews, poor paper reviews for publication,
> holding onto papers in competing fields where friends can get
> time leads to fend off foes, preventing younger scientists
> from applying for funding by arcane institutional rules, wiring
> grants for funding before they are reviewed, making impossible
> demands of underfunded scientists before they are allowed to
> continue down the pathway are not signs of healthy competition.
> The world we and our children have to live in is our choice.
> We can live in a world of Tonya Harding competition, or a world
> of healthy, I would choose Glenn Cunningham as an example,
> competition.
> The choice is ours.
> Bert Gold
> San Francisco

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