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Sat Dec 30 23:04:42 EST 1995

Here's a posting on this topic which was posted in the AIDS NG.

In Maryland, our legislature and governor have been duped by the
Gallo PR machine. They've committed $24 million in state funds to
establish Gallo's Human Virology Institute. Suzanne Hadley and
others, including a representative for me (I was in the hospital
for the hearings) trekked to Annapolis to oppose the institute.
But, our legislators were star struck and fawned over Dr. Bob,
thanking him for taking time from his busy schedule to plead for
his $24 million. He couldn't stay to hear the "nonsense" from the
oppposition since he had to catch a plane for an important
consultation in Strasbourg, France. The legislators were duly
impressed and excused Dr. Bob from the hearings.

An ironic coincidence, isn't it, that Dr. Bob released his
extraordinary findings about chemo-kines just a few days before the
hearings. I don't suppose he noticed the NYT article last Tuesday
that explained that most researchers are trying to suppress the
activity of chemo-kines since they can cause Lupus and other
auto-immune diseases. Once again, from the AIDS community, thanks
for nothing Dr. Bob.

They finally got rid of him at the NIH, and now, here in Baltimore,
we're stuck with him. He brought Robert Redfield along with him
too, who is busy lousing up the AIDS program at the University of
Maryland and has cavalierly swept aside the guy who built it.

I wish these guys would find another disease to prey on and let us
struggle with AIDS ourselves.


Garey Lambert, AIDS Action Baltimore


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