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>At least 3 are RIGHT of center. 1, 4, and 6.

1??? I thought that since having welfare at all is an extreme left position 
its elimination would be a very centered idea(I believe the far right position 
on this subject would be a "poor tax").

Of course the same thing could be said for #4 since many believe that the US 
Constitution was never meant to apply to anyone but citizens in the first 

>|> In article <3gp3q6$ppk at ccnet3.ccnet.com>, smatthew at ccnet.com wrote:
>|> > I am doing a poll on several subjects for my speech and debate class:
>|> > 1. Eliminating Welfare
>|> > 2. Lifting the embargo on Cuba
>|> > 3. Legalize Prostituion
>|> > 4. Pass a Nationwide Prop 187
>|> > 5. Eliminate Arms sales to foreign nations
>|> > 6. Banning the media from trials.

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