Becky Swann becky at onramp.net
Thu Feb 2 02:33:11 EST 1995

macgyver at xensei.com wrote:

> I disagree with your wording of these statements.  You're asking people to
> side *fully* with an extreme position ...or not at all.  These statements
> are clearly slanted left of center.  It would have been better to say
> I suggest that the next time you poll, try to get an *accurate* count. 
> This is only accomplished by wording without such a clear agenda.  I
> believe that most Americans are moderate... neither utterly conservative,
> nor completely liberal.  What's wrong with middle-of-the-road?

A middle of the road debate?  Then he can become a middle of the road non-advocate, 
hm, sounds like a salesman.


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