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macgyver at xensei.com wrote:
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: > I am doing a poll on several subjects for my speech and debate class:
: > 1. Eliminating Welfare
: > 2. Lifting the embargo on Cuba
: > 3. Legalize Prostituion
: > 4. Pass a Nationwide Prop 187
Yes - Obvious..
: > 5. Eliminate Arms sales to foreign nations
: > 6. Banning the media from trials.
Yes - Fixed cameras and constant acces I like, reporters in the court
room putting their spin on the facts I don't agree with.
It seems today that all reporters want to be editorialists, and are not
happy _merely_ reporting the facts!

: I disagree with your wording of these statements.  You're asking people to
: side *fully* with an extreme position ...or not at all.

What, precisely, is wrong with finding out how many people side *fully*
with an extreme position?
: These statements
: are clearly slanted left of center. 

Again, so what - how is that wrong?

: It would have been better to say
: "Overhaul Welfare" rather than "Eliminate..."  Much better to say
: "Restrict media access" than to outright "ban" it. 

better = more popular?  Is the point of a poll to gather as many 'Yes'
votes as possible, or to reflect the opinions of the poll taker?

It is fine to ask people if they agree with the senseless slaughter of 
babies - what you will get is a count of the number of people who agree 
with the senseless slaughter of innocent babies...  Maybe he doesn't
care how many people want to 'Overhaul Welfare" or 'Restrict media 
access"!  Why not assume that he knows what he is doing...

: Prop 187 is also an
: extreme measure, even for those who favor a similar (yet scaled down)
: measure.

Why should he make the Prop. 187 question softer - see above.

: I suggest that the next time you poll, try to get an *accurate* count. 

What is there in this post to make you think he can not count the results?

: This is only accomplished by wording without such a clear agenda.  I
: believe that most Americans are moderate... neither utterly conservative,
: nor completely liberal.  What's wrong with middle-of-the-road?

So you are trying to make _his_ poll mirror _your_ views!  That seems
a little funny?  Yes, the more centerist your ideas, the more people
will agree with them!

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