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Fri Feb 3 16:03:53 EST 1995

>>At least 3 are RIGHT of center. 1, 4, and 6.

>1??? I thought that since having welfare at all is an extreme left position 
>its elimination would be a very centered idea(I believe the far right position 
>on this subject would be a "poor tax").

The Right vs Left thing is a little confusing.  The far right likes to think
of themselves as good Christians.  Charity seems like a Christain thing. 
Maybe welfare is a right-wing thing.

>Of course the same thing could be said for #4 since many believe that the US 
>Constitution was never meant to apply to anyone but citizens in the first 

Certain parts of the Constitution appear to apply to all men (all men are
created equal and endowed by their Creator with  . . . . something to that
effect although the words may not be exact).

>>|> > I am doing a poll on several subjects for my speech and debate class:
>>|> > 1. Eliminating Welfare
>>|> > 2. Lifting the embargo on Cuba
>>|> > 3. Legalize Prostituion
>>|> > 4. Pass a Nationwide Prop 187
>>|> > 5. Eliminate Arms sales to foreign nations
>>|> > 6. Banning the media from trials.
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