Mitosis/S phase

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Fri Feb 3 09:03:05 EST 1995

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> In article <svgD378pD.95G at>, Sam Gorstein <svg at> wrote:
> >: 	Along the same line, while I believe that the lower-case "m" in
> >: 	mRNA means "messenger" and the lower-case "r" in rBST means
> >: 	"recombinant", I am at a loss to figure out what the "c" in
> >: 	cDNA means.
> >
> >It stands for Complimentary. The DNA is complementary to mRNA, and thus 
> >has had its introns removed in RNA Processing.
> >
> >-SG-
> Actually, it stands for "copy".  It is DNA that is copied from mRNA by
> an enzyme called reverse transcriptase.
> Carlisle

I am sorry Carlisle, but IU think you are wrong. cDNA has a more general
meaning. You are referring to how cDNA is usually prepared from a mRNA
library, but cDNA stands for complementary DNA due to the fact that it is
the template strand for mRNA synthesis (wihtout introns of course).

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