Parick J Volk pjvst+ at pitt.edu
Fri Feb 3 00:02:28 EST 1995

    (Stuff about cross-posting)

 I agree. I'm suprised CancelMoose(tm) didn't kill this due to spam 
parameters (number of cross-posts. Maybe because they're all regional 

   Also, if you wish to respond to the poll, *please* mail the reply, and 
don't follow it up. You follow it up, and you also cross-post. I'm sure 
that there may be one or two people in Austin who may care about the 
Allegheny county comissioner's race, but I'd doubt it.
   The other thing is Mr Boyd, are you running nationally? Are you going 
to geographically seperate the data received (I doubt it)? As someone who
may be trying to show a certain 'hipness' via the net should know about 
spamming (please ref: Canter and Siegel, the recent brouhaha about the 
book about the internet <and consequent claim by the NYT that cancelmoose 
is a censor against advertising>). You can claim information. The people 
who were solicited across the us may claim spam. I will claim relevance, 
and should point out although we may be constituents, we are not a 
majority block by any stretch of the imagingation. 
   If you were an incumbent, I would be upset to see a small fraction of 
my tuition money going for these messages. 

     The following has been a unpaid political advertisement.... :)

P J Volk
(of the committee to Elect Volk for Pope in 2018....)

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