AIDS and a Duty to Protect ?

Oscar Barriuso barriuso at
Thu Feb 2 23:25:35 EST 1995

Mr. B, age 28 reported to the community health center of a large city teaching hospital
for counseling after being confidentially informed that his blood test 
was positive for antibodies to the HIV virus that causes AIDS.  The patient has
no symptons.
	Dr. T. informed Mr. B that although he did not have AIDS, there
was between a 5 -30 % probability that he would develop the disease
w/ in the next 5 years.  He was also told he can infect others through
sexual contact and other bodily fluid contact.  He was consoled not to 
donate blood, and to practice "safe-sex". that, is sex which does not involve
the exchnage of bodily fluids such as semen.
	Mr. B then revealed that he was bisexual, and that he believed 
that he had contracted the infection during one of his homosexual
encounters.  He also said he was engaged.  Dr. T advised him to inform
his fiancee of his Dx.  But Mr. B refused to do so, saying that it would ruin 
his marriage plans.

SHOOULD Dr. T inform her of his patient's test results, or should
he protect the confidentiality of the therapeutic relationship ?

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