Cord Blood Stem Cells meeting

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Thu Feb 2 21:18:48 EST 1995

Cambridge Healthtech Institute is sponsoring a conference, "Cord Blood
Stem Cells: Banking, Expansion and Transplants," to be held May 22-24,
1995 at Martha's Vineyard,  Massachusetts.

This conference addresses the questions that will need to be answered if large
scale banking of stem cells from cord blood is to take place.  The experience
of leading researchers already involved in banking and clinical use of these
stem cells, including the possiblity of gene therapy, will be presented. This
meeting promises to be of great interest to clinicians, researchers and
managers involved in blook banking, obstetrics, bone marrow transplantation
and other related specialities.

Call for posters:  We also encourage attendees to supplement the material
being covered in the talks with poster presentations that detail recent
research.  A one page abstract of the poster should be submitted by April 28,
1995 for inclusion in the conference binder.

For more information contact Cambridge Healthtech Institute:
chi at

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