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>: At least 3 are RIGHT of center. 1, 4, and 6.

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>: |> > I am doing a poll on several subjects for my speech and debate class:
>: |> > 1. Eliminating Welfare...
and assorted other inane blither.
>: |> 
>: |> I disagree with your wording of these statements.  You're asking people to
>: |> side *fully* with an extreme position ...or not at all.  
OK, this one bit.
>: |> 
>: |> I suggest that the next time you poll, try to get an *accurate* count.
Yeah, a usenet poll.  That's really gonna be accurate. 
>: |> This is only accomplished by wording without such a clear agenda.  I
>: |> believe that most Americans are moderate... neither utterly conservative,
Now here's a brilliant opinion.
>Who really cares?  I thought this was a biol. bulletin, not a political 
Exactly.  Who cares?  How about a poll on what people think about idiots who 
don't bother to read usenet faqs.

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