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Ken Sallenger ken at
Sat Feb 4 11:24:11 EST 1995

In article <3ga0op$s6b at>,
Una Smith <una.smith at> wrote:
=> ...  It would be useful to the rest of Usenet if the
=> newgroup control messages went out from an administrative account,
=> not someone's private account.

Agreed, but if so, please be sure to warn us in advance, ...

=> A couple of staff changes at BIOSCI
=> have required Usenet administrators around the world to change their
=> configuration files.

... because we'll have to change them again!  And of course, please
put the advance warning in bionet.announce since we non-bio news
administrators frequently have trouble keeping up here.

Actually the change is not arduous at sites where there is an active
news admin.  Sites on autopilot are a perennial problem for any
such configuration issues:  so, yes, a generic address would be
a big improvement once it makes its way into default config files
in the field.

I understand that Dave Mack has established contact with the
maintainers of C News and INN, so that updates will be reflected in the
default configurations.

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